Letters to Ava-Friends

I come up with these letters to you from my own experiences usually what I am going through at that time in life. This is a biggy and will probably be another part to it some other time, but for now here it is from your aunt.

You will go through many times in your life where friends come and go. There are certainly those who will stay in your life and never go anywhere, but there are those who you think would not go anywhere and they magically disappear. Here is my advice for when that happens.

  1. It sucks so yell, cry and bitch all you want, seriously it doesn’t make you pathetic it makes you a passionate, loyal, and good friend. It will suck for a long time even years later it may sting a little when a little memory pops into your head. Luckily this is something that won’t kill you, only feels like it will. However, you have your mom and me to get you through and you have real friends to help you through it all.
  2. If it is a guy friend who you lost- Keep your girlfriends close, those ladies are the ones who will open up some wine with you, watch sappy movies, cry with you, and eat junk food. They are lifesavers, find those two ladies who are amazing like that and you will be set.
  3. If it is a girl friend who you lost- Guy friends and girl friends are good for this, I have learned that when you lose a girl friend, making new memories is the best way to go. Losing a close girl friend is something that will never completely leave you, because that is someone who probably knows your inner darkest secrets and so it is going to hit you hard.
  4. Bottom line- You never let this make you hard or cold hearted, you always stay loving no matter what. You can learn from this experience, but it is important to take your guard down when it is time to make new memories and welcome new best friends. You really cannot plan for anything like this and you cannot plan for how you are going to feel. You can plan for how you will act no matter what happens, you should always be a loyal and true friend who loves everyone, but loves herself the most. Don’t ever lose sight of those friends who have been with you while you sort through all the duds of the world. Don’t you ever bash anyone on social media or talk down about them, each of us go through our own struggles and we never know what others are going through so you keep your head up and know that if someone is meant to be in your life, they will be there.

I love you!


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